Prints & Materials

My graphic design background has naturally evolved into textile design. Exploring various materials and printing techniques, I discovered ways to add dimension to garments.

To create the Paint print (shown here), I worked with ink on paper until I achieved the desired motion and finished it digitally.  

I designed the Glitch print by meticulously painting, cutting and pasting elements from glitch error screenshots, a very minucious process, like digital embroidery.

Glitch print, Fall/Winter 2014, Thaïs Lima NYC

A series of black and white prints created for the Spring/Summer 2015 Thaïs Lima NYC collection. 

_A purposeful print overload 

Intended for mixing and matching, these prints interconnect through their accent colors and details.

_Beauty on the inside: printed linings

Created for the W!TCHES collection, a custom printed lining adds a pleasant surprise.

_Working With Leather

Exploring other ways to interpret a print, using leather application over fabric and laser engraving.

New Camo & New Tartan 


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