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Calvin Klein

While most people are familiar with Calvin Klein, few were aware of the number of categories they permeate: from the most upscale line, seen on runway shows; to the rebellious Jeans line, Underwear, fragrances, etc.—a portfolio of 8 different brands.

Our task was to coherently connect and display the various Calvin Klein brands and stores, under a single web address. 

* T O U C H *   I M A G E S   T O   Z O O M

In close collaboration with the client’s in-house  marketing team, we consolidated a previously scattered identity into a cohesive structure.
The new platform unified communications and commerce globally.

The website’s modern and minimalist visual language was rooted in the same guiding principles as those applied by architect John Pawson’s when designing the New York flagship store.

Thaïs Lima | Designer


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